E-Pay Bill Pay

As an added convenience of i-N.E.T., you can pay your bills with E-Pay. No more writing checks, licking stamps or addressing envelopes. With E-Pay you can:

• Pay all your bills on-line, all in one convenient location.
• Pay-anyone: from your power company to your doctor to your neighborhood lawn service, you can pay virtually everyone you pay now - anytime, anywhere - all with the click of a mouse.
• Schedule single or recurring payments up to a year in advance.
• Review pending payments and have access to your full payment history.
• Easy payment scheduling - select the payee, amount and payment date, then click to pay!
• Edit Payments anytime by 11:00 pm before the processing date.

Getting Started

There are four easy steps to using on-line E-Pay! Once you are logged onto i-N.E.T. click on the E-Pay link.

1. Complete the application found by clicking on the Sign up for E-Pay link. The information displayed on the form is determined by a number of variables and may include the following:

2. When the application information is complete, click Continue to review the information entered. Click Continue to confirm the information. Your information will be entered into the E- Pay provider’s system. Within approximately 2 business days you will receive an email confirmation.

3. Once you receive confirmation you can go on-line and set up merchants or payees with their address and account information.

4. Schedule payments by specifying the payee, amount and date of your payment.

For more information check our FAQs.