The N.E.T.

TFCU’s Network Electronic Teller (The N.E.T.) is a voice activated response system! TFCU members are able to request account information or perform transactions by simply speaking. With the voice-activated system, your wish becomes The N.E.T’s command!

For our members who prefer to continue to use touch-tone codes instead of the new voice-activated system, The N.E.T. offers a touch-tone response option that allows members to do touch-tone transactions in both English and Spanish. Click Here for a printable Membership Card with the command codes.

You can access The N.E.T. by dialing TFCU’s main numbers 214-748-9556 or 800-242-9132 or by dialing The N.E.T. directly at 214-761-9242 or 800-242-9134.

Questions? Contact us at or call a Member Service Representative at 214-748-9556 , or 800-242-9132.