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Inet Account Access

Account Services

  • Share/Savings Account  As a member of TFCU, you automatically have a Share/Savings Account.
  • Sharedraft/Checking Account  Learn about our various checking accounts and find one that best suits your needs.
  • Insurance  As a service to our members, we offer Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismembership insurance at low premium rates.
  • Deposits & Investments  For large deposits and investments for Holiday Club, Money Market Accounts or IRA Term Share and Term Share certificates. Regardless where you have your money in TFCU, you'll always get a return by investing in your credit union.
  • Youth Savings Program  Teach your children the value of saving with an Abby's Adventures (Ages 0 - 12) or Young Texans (Ages 13-18) Account.
  • Passport Privilege  Texas Federal Credit Union offers Passport Privilege, an added member service that protects you from the embarrassment and expense of returned checks.
  • VISA Check Card  Avoid the hassle of carrying checks, credit cards and cash. With a TFCU VISA Check Card, you can access your account easily.
  • The N.E.T.  Access your account over the phone from anywhere in the world with our Networked Electronic Teller (N.E.T.)
  • i-N.E.T.  Log on to the i-N.E.T. for all of your financial services. You can view activity on your TFCU account, balance your check book, make transactions and loan payments, and budget your finances.
  • Online Applications  Applications for many services including: Change of address, Loan application, N.E.T./i-N.E.T. reset form, and more...
  • Passport Rewards Program  As a Member of the Texas Federal Credit Union, you're entitled to rewards for simply using the services we have to offer to you.
  • E-Pay  As an added benefit to your i-N.E.T. access, you can pay your bills online with E-Pay.
  • Fee Schedule  Our current list of rates & fees.