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Texas Federal CU Goes to Paperless E-Statements in 2012!

As of March 31, 2012, TFCU has gone to free paperless E-Statements (i.e. electronic statements) in an effort to continue to offer as many free products and services to TFCU members as possible.  The move to paperless E-Statements for all TFCU accounts was first announced in TFCU’s January 2012 Passport Newsletter that was enclosed with all TFCU December 2011 year end statements.  Reminder notices to members were also mailed in monthly statement mailings leading up to the March 31, 2012 effective date.

Sending E-Statements instead of mailing paper statements significantly reduces credit union operating expenses which is a strategic goal for 2012 (see the Chairman and Executive Officer’s Report in TFCU’s 2011 Annual Report). E-Statements also reduces the risk of mail fraud and identity theft that comes with paper delivery.  With the exception of some open-ended loans that require separate statement mailings due to new federal regulations, TFCU members with all other account types are encouraged to sign up for free online monthly E-Statements in order to avoid $5 paper statement processing fees.

    E-Statements will allow you to:

  • View statements for up to 1 year, anytime!
  • Print your statement at home or anywhere you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Access to notices, disclosures and other exciting offers from your credit union.
  • No more concerns about "mailbox theft" leading to potential I.D. theft.


When your next statement is ready for viewing, you will receive an email notification as shown below!

Are online E-Statements secure?
Through Texas Federal Credit Union's i-N.E.T., your E-Statements and all your personal and financial information are protected behind multiple layers of security. Not only are E-Statements more secure, their delivery is more dependable and timely than delivery of paper statements.


What are the benefits of switching to E-Statements?
By making the switch to free online E-Statements, you can:

  Avoid a $5 Statement Processing Fee
  Access your financial information 24 hours a day from anywhere
you have access to the Internet.
  Get organized and reduce the clutter of paper statements
  Reduce the risk of mail fraud and identity theft that comes with
paper delivery.

How do I sign up for online E-Statements?

To sign up for E-Statements, you will need to be registered for online account access through i-N.E.T. – TFCU's Internet Networked Electronic Teller.

Click Here for the N.E.T & i.N.E.T Application

You can also contact any TFCU member services representative by phone or at a branch office to get registered for immediate access to the i-N.E.T. - Once you sign on to i-N.E.T., simply:

  1. Click on the "E-Statements" tab from the top menu bar.
  2. Click on the "Enter" button on the opening E-Statements screen.
  3. Read the Texas Federal Credit Union Electronic Statement Consent form. **SPECIAL NOTE** If you are currently receiving both E-Statements and paper statements, you are already signed up E-Statements and this message will not be displayed! Paper statements will automatically be discontinued and you will not be charged.
  4. Check the box at the bottom of the page to immediately discontinue paper statements.
  5. Enter a valid e-mail address to receive your E-Statement
  6. Click on "I AGREE" to begin immediate access to your online

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Will my E-Statement look the same as my regular printed statement?

Yes, your online E-Statement is just the same as your paper statement and is considered an official document. It contains all the information that is included on your paper statements. For legal purposes, a printed version of an online E-Statement is the same as a paper statement mailed via U.S. Mail.



Can I save my E-Statements on my computer?
Once you open your E-Statements using Adobe Reader, you can save it to your computer using the small disk icon. Provide a name for the file using a ".pdf" extension, using a descriptive name that will help you identify the statement (for example: "CheckingMay2011.pdf").



Can I print out my E-Statements?
Once you've opened your E-Statement online, you can print it by selecting the Print icon in your browser, or if you've saved your E-Statement, you can print directly from your PDF reader.


How many months of statements are available online?
Statements for the past 12 months are available free online as E-Statements. Texas Federal Credit Union, however, retains copies of all member statements for up to seven years. If you need a copy of a statement that is more than a year old, simply contact any TFCU Member Services Representative as usual to request a copy. A service fee for paper statement copies will apply.

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How do I view check images?
You can view the check images by clicking on the blue check number on the E-Statement.


What if I do not have access to the Internet or a personal email account?
All TFCU members are always welcome to use i-N.E.T. computer stations at each of our branch locations in order to access their account information for free. Members can also print out their monthly E-Statements at these i-N.E.T. stations for free each month. Contact any TFCU Member Services Representative for more information or to make special arrangements to continue to receive paper statements.


What if I have access to a personal email and the Internet but simply prefer paper statements over E-Statements?
TFCU members may continue to receive paper statement mailings for a $5 statement processing fee. If you have more questions, call (214) 748-9556 or (800) 242-9132, or simply visit any branch office for answers to more Frequently Asked Questions about E-Statements!



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